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Quantum Hypnosis

I am a Level 2 QHHT Practitioner.

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What is Quantum Hypnosis/QHHT?

        Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique is a beautiful experience bridging you with your Higher Self and beyond. Through this technique, I am able to create a sacred and safe space for my clients that allows answers to questions, deep insight into life's purpose, professional choices, the origins of the soul, life mysteries and most importantly, the ability to heal from mental, emotional and physical ailments that keep us from living our best life. 

        From finances to relationships to health...this technique is successful in bringing results in a very quick and clear way.

        Additionally, I am able to help to curb or remove habits that are making a negative impact on our bodies, everyday life and/or with our loved ones.

How the Session Flows

We begin by setting a time and day where you will not feel rushed in any way so that you feel relaxed and perfectly at ease from the beginning. The sessions take a minimum of 4-5 hours and some of the time go beyond that. The actual hypnosis part is never longer than about 2 hours because it begins to get difficult to stay under in a deep trance past that time frame. Sometimes the interview portion or the post-interview goes a little long and this is what can influence our total time together. We do not want to shortcut your session and so it is important to give you the time and attention you need for healing. We trust that however the session unfolds is what is divinely right for you in that moment in time. 

I get to know you in a very thorough way first and then we have our session and a post-session talk afterwards, making sure you are understanding all of the information you received during your session. A lot of insight and knowledge from past lives, your current life and beyond and even messages from loved ones can come through in these sessions. Because of this, the post-interview can be just as fun and exciting as the session! We also unpack any healing you received during the session and any answers received about those things. 

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What to Expect During Hypnosis

People's experiences vary, but the common denominator for most is a feeling of pure relaxation and love. You will be in a deep state of trance and for many it feels like a guided daydream. This "daydream" is guided by me and your Higher Self, which is a part of the Source from which we come from, sometimes referred to as God. For some, it feels like a form of deep meditation.


Once you are in the deep state of trance, I guide you to connect with your Higher Self (Super Conscious, Soul) and doing so is how we are able to get answers to your questions and physical and mental healing that is needed. Our day together is truly magical and amazing and it is life-altering for many.

Click here for all the Details Surrounding a QHHT Session

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Healing During QHHT Sessions

The Higher Self, Subconscious, Soul or simply the "SC" has the ability to identify any physical problem it detects within the body and relay it to the QHHT® Practitioner, explaining the causes for its presence, be it from the current life or a past life. The SC is then asked if it is suitable for healing to occur. If the answer is yes, healing is then done instantaneously with no medication, surgery or pain involved. Very often, simply understanding why a disease is present or why a particular emotion is being experienced is sufficient for it to be relieved and removed by the Subconscious.

Over the course of her career, Dolores conducted sessions with clients where the physical healing that occurs had been challenging for even her to comprehend. She had been teaching her technique to students all over the world for a decade and many write back detailing miraculous accounts of a similar nature.

Before detailing this list of what is possible in terms of healing, it must be stated that healing can only occur if an individual wants to be healed and if it does not interfere with the goals of their lifetime. We are infinite souls who have incarnated on Earth for our own individual experiences. For example, the Subconscious of a blind person would not heal their sight if being blind was one of the key aspects of their life they agreed to experience. Nor would it heal a physical problem someone had created through the lack of care for their body if they had not yet learned the lesson to love and respect their body. It is very literal in its thinking.

Every person must fully understand the reason

for the dis-ease

in order to receive healing.

All dis-ease is either created in the mind

from our experiences

or it is a life experience that we agreed to

before our incarnation.

Examples of the extraordinary results Dolores Cannon and her QHHT® Practitioners

have experienced with clients during their sessions:

Cancer – various types at various stages cleared

Cartilage – reconstruction between joints

HIV – cleared and eradicated

Heart – healed with no surgery required

Liver – fully functional regeneration and restoration

Kidney – fully functional regeneration and restoration

Wounds – regeneration with no scarring

Migraines –root causes explained and removed

​​Vision – 20/20 eyesight restored

Diabetes – causes explained and cleared

Intestines – conditions cleared

Back – middle and lower area problems cleared

Neck/Shoulder – pain identified and causes cleared

Lungs – problems identified and cleared

Skin – problems identified and cleared

Asthma - fully cleared.

Everything is possible with Dolores Cannon’s proven method of hypnosis: QHHT®.


How to Prepare for your QHHT Session


Due to the nature of being in a deep state of trance, it is never an option to conduct these sessions remotely. For your highest safety, these sessions are conducted in person so that I am able to keep a watchful eye on you at all times.

QHHT was developed by world-renowned Hypnotherapist and Author, Dolores Cannon.
Read her story here.

Dolores Cannon Quote "Don't believe everything you hear or read. Think for yourself. Don't give your power away to anyone. Make up your own mind and discover your own truth.

Visit the Official QHHT Website for even more information about sessions. 

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"I have never before been hypnotized and truly thought that it would fail.  I have had a shoulder tic for 30 years and following the session my friends noticed that it was gone.  I am very grateful."

Tonia, Lake Charles, LA


Mobile: ‪985-262-3797

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