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Psychic Mediumship Readings
Tarot, Oracle & Numerology

I am a Psychic and Evidential Medium.

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My Goal for Your Reading

I strive to help people who are grieving or feeling lost by connecting them with their loved ones who have passed. Through the use of evidential information and my own spiritual gifts, I am able to provide comfort and closure to those who seek it. I approach each reading with sensitivity, compassion and respect, with the goal of bringing through messages that are both healing and empowering.

What is a Mediumship Reading?

A Mediumship Reading is simply a connection between me and a person who is no longer in human form. I am connecting with the spirit version of their persona, the soul. This is the larger part of all of us that has access to Universal (Spirit/God) knowledge. Although some are born with an easier ability to connect, actually, anyone can do this. It is only the work and dedicated practice I have done that helps me to facilitate a clear connection with Spirit.

What is the Purpose of Mediumship?

To show the coninuatity of consciousness. This means that life is eternal. Our loved ones that have passed are still with us. This results in providing relief of grief. <3

Crystal Healing Stones

What to Expect During a Mediumship Reading

During our session, I will connect with your loved ones on the other side. I will bring forth evidence and information that only they could know, providing validation that they are still with you and watching over you with the most love. This evidence may include information about your current life that only your loved one would know, items of theirs that you or someone close to you are in possession of, recent milestones or experiences they have been by your side in Spirit for or memories and experiences you've shared together.


Sometimes during readings I will get pertinant psychic information and if that happens, I will share that with you.


Loved ones always transform into their higher selves once they are on the other side. They immediately experience higher wisdom and leave the personality of the life they lived aside. They are fully enlightened and no longer hold any ill will of any kind. Spirit only ever wants to bring forth information for your and your family's highest good and will never harm. We are divinely protected in these sessions...always. The love that is experienced is truly remarkable and so healing for the individuals that receive the messages. 

Thank you for considering a mediumship reading with me. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you have about the experience. It is truly life enriching for all involved.

All sessions on this page can be done in person in Raceland, LA or via video conferencing.

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1 Question Email Readings

I will read your question and then go into meditation calling in my Spirit Team and yours. During this meditation experience, I will receive guidance on your question that is strictly for your best and highest good moving forward. I will then relay that information to you via email in as much accurate detail as possible. Afterwards, I will allow one follow-up reply from you to ask any clarifying questions about the information you received.


Please keep questions targeted to yourself. If you need guidance on how to best guide or move forward with another person, please word the question to receive information on the best action for you to do rather than for them.

Visit the FAQs page for more information.


Tarot Cards Layed out for a Tarot Reading

Tarot/Oracle Card Readings

        Tarot and Oracle Card readings are two powerful divination tools I use to help others gain clarity and insight into their lives. These sessions are most helpful in dealing with one specific are of your life you need clarity on in the moment, such as a career change or relationship dilemma. Through these readings, I am able to tap into my spiritual connection while allowing Spirit to take over the cards that are dealt to provide you with the answer to your question. I use a combination of Tarot practices and Oracle Card messages. These readings provide guidance for personal and spiritual growth and are very helpful in understanding that a particular decision made was for your best and highest good, or to know which path to take at this particular juncture.

What to Expect During a Tarot/Oracle Reading

During our session, I will get a clear understanding of the subject you would like to know about and help you formulate a question around that if necessary. I will then decide which Tarot layout would work best with your question and begin the session. I will also lay out 2-4 Oracle Cards that will either give more clarity to the question or provide another message on a different topic that Spirit wants to convey. We will thoroughly discuss the answers provided and we will both help to hone in the messages the cards bring. It is a very empowering and fulfilling experience that brings exacting comprehension to life situations.


All sessions on this page can be done in person in Raceland, LA or via video conferencing.


Visit the FAQs page for more information.



Numerology Report Web Art

Delve into your inner workings with a Numerology Report. The information contained in this 30 page report will give you an inside look at how your unique personality came together, in this particular life incarnation, to create the individual that is you.


The report is personalized to your 5 MOST IMPORTANT LIFE NUMBERS. Before we are born, we are assigned (by our Higher Self and Spirit Team) a unique combination of numbers and a name (which breaks down into a series of numbers), each revealing something special and unique about you. These 5 core pieces of your chart are extremely powerful because they represent the foundation on which many of your other numbers are based upon.


They are calculated using either:

The date you were born or the name you were given at birth. In the following pages, you will gain insight into how your birth day, month and year, along with the exact name you were given at birth, have created a beautiful map of your life and the individual personality that is you.

This report is full of detailed information that will help you to understand your unique personality, behaviors and yearnings. It can also help to understand how and why you relate the way you do to your loved ones.


All sessions on this page can be done in person in Raceland, LA or via video conferencing.

Visit the FAQs page for more information.



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