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How I Use the Internet to Discern and Understand Animal (and Other) Messages from Spirit

So, we've talked about Signs and how to know which are true signs and which are not. Here I want to talk about how I quickly grab my message at certain times. Let's say, I am outside soaking up some sunlight and relaxing and a baby dragonfly lands near me and grabs my attention in a subtle but also strong way. - I'm not sure if you understand that, but if you don't, just go with it for now. - At that point, I will begin to observe the dragonfly's behavior while "going within". This is my way of pushing out any distractions in the moment and connecting in to my intuition. Once I have discerned that the dragonfly is indeed sending a message, if I am in the middle of something, I will usually just go to the internet to quickly find my message, rather than stop what I am doing and go further into a meditative state, or perhaps, go grab an oracle or tarot deck and do a reading. I have learned through experience that this method works quite well for me and so I use it. I like the adage, "we do not put limitations on God". If something works and you get evidence that it works, keep doing it. :)

Once I am on the internet, I will usually do a Google search to get things to pop up. In this instance, it would be something like, "Dragonfly Animal Meaning" or "Dragonfly Spirit Animal Totem" or "Dragonfly Message". Once the search is completed, I will scan over the different links and see which ones feel more resonant to me. This can feel like a subtle pull to one sentence or web page or like I just know I need to click here as opposed to there. Everyone's psychic experience isn't exactly the same so you may have a slightly different way of choosing.

Now...if you're new to this, you will need to practice feeling this. This is where having a higher vibration, free of stress, dis-ease and unhappy thoughts and feelings will help you tremendously. Note: No one is ever completely stress-free all the time. The goal is to maintain the higher vibrations most of the time.

Once I home in on where to click, I delve deeper and scroll through all the different messages there are for this creature, while staying in touch with my intuition, and using the same process. For me, oftentimes, it's as if the words are flashing into a larger font for a split second and brought to my attention. Once I have a message, I will usually instantly understand how it connects to a current life situation. If not, I will continue searching, and see if there is more to the message. I always seem to know when it's time to stop and when my message is complete. This also comes with practice.

This Baby Dragonfly came with a message of "Renewal after Difficulty". I instantly knew what this message meant and how it connected to my life.

How did I discern that the dragonfly was sending a message? It stayed around on the grass for several minutes while I photographed it and then jumped onto my finger and stayed there while I moved around, photographed it, and spoke to it. At that time, the wind was quite strong and could have easily blown the baby dragonfly away, but it gripped on to my finger and stayed there for several minutes. :)

The next time you see one of Earth's creatures behaving out of character, stop and discern and try my internet method of finding an answer. We live in a time of instant information available at our fingertips. ;) Have fun and practice. You can do it!

Much Love,


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