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Signs from Spirit

Updated: 3 days ago

Signs from Spirit are all around us if we know how to look for them. Sometimes it can be easy to miss and/or hard to interpret the special symbols and messages that your Spirit team are sending you. This is especially true if you are new to the Spirit World. Often, these signs take unique shapes, such as hearts or things that are meaningful to us.

I distinctly remember the first time I saw Triple Digits or... Angel Numbers. My stepfather was nearing the end of his life and suddenly my sister and I began seeing them everywhere. And when I say everywhere, I mean all over the place in all parts of my life. If I paused the TV to go to the bathroom, there were three 1's. If I woke up in the middle of the night, three 3's or 1234 were on the clock. Driving down the road, I would see them on vehicles, signs, etc. My sister is a doctor and even saw them on the surgery clock, after one of the surgery assistants stopped it. We knew we were being given signs, but we had no idea what they meant. That was in 2007 and since then I have learned so much about signs from Spirit thankfully!

But how can we know if it's actually a sign?

Catching signs and messages in the early days of understanding them can be tricky. In the beginning, after you've asked for a sign or two and gotten them, it can be very easy to look around and suddenly think signs are all around you. Well, in a real way, they ARE all around you, but not everything is a sign. In the beginning, ask for general signs to get the ball rolling and start understanding how it works. This is a lovely way to begin your Spiritual Awakening journey.

Ask for something simple at first.

Think of something you want Spirit to show you, choosing something simple or basic. Examples of this are: White Feather, Elephant, Dimes, Red Flowers, Blue Glass, A Crown

Then wait. Give it time the first time around, up to 2 weeks. Then, while you are waiting, do as much as you can to raise your vibration. We'll go into this more deeply in a separate post, but a higher vibration means you are feeling good more of the time than not. Higher Vibration feelings are Love, Appreciation, Happiness, Satisfaction, Enthusiasm, etc. Also, during this time, it's important to have a heightened awareness if you are one that does not. Try to notice more of the things around you as much as possible. Many signs are missed because for example, someone standing in line didn't look down.

"Years ago, I nearly missed a very important sign while at my cousin's bachelorette party in the French Quarter in New Orleans. We were standing in line at a beer stand and suddenly I felt the urge to look down. I was standing on a metal grate that had her deceased Mother's name on it. This was her mom's way of letting her know she was there with her on her special night. I am so grateful I was in a place of peace and higher vibration at that moment to be able to feel the urge. They can be extremely subtle, and one must be attuned as much as possible." – Me

Be aware of the many ways that your sign can appear.

If you ask for a White Feather, you may get actual white feathers, or you may get images of white feathers in various places or a combination of both. You might see a white chicken with lots of white feathers on it. Don't limit the universe by only wanting to see a real feather. Allow Spirit to use all its resources. :)

Refine your skills.

Once you get your first sign, ask for another one and then another and another. Notice how they begin coming increasingly quickly each time.

Start noticing the signs you're getting on the regular.

Now that your Spirit Team knows you're on board, they are going to be "all in". They will now be sending you signs for the rest of your days and all the time. At this point you can take a break from asking for specific signs and just sit back and begin noticing different things.

Honing your skills to receive your signs.

Are certain animals, items or shapes continually appearing? Those are most likely signs for you. For example, are you seeing hearts in odd circumstances and in many different types of places? That would be Spirit. :) Consequently, if your child is into cutting out and drawing hearts and leaving them all around your house and those are the only hearts you're seeing, that's probably not a sign. :( Signs come in simple ways and unusual ways. The way to understand if it is truly a sign is to first take an assessment of how you feel about it in the moment. Your own intuition is particularly important. Second, is this something you keep seeing over and over? Third, is the sign appearing in an unusual way? Is it really getting your attention?

For instance, if a hawk swoops down and flies across the front of your car within a few feet of your windshield while driving down the highway...that is definitely a sign! A broken-up leaf on the floor of your house that has taken the shape of a duckling, when ducks have a special meaning to you, is definitely a sign! Seeing an owl in a different place than the time before, on the way home from work, within a short period of time is a sign! :D Are you starting to see how to decipher these things? If you have a playful attitude and a willingness, you will not only begin to see signs everywhere, but you'll begin to understand the messages behind these signs as well.

What signs are you seeing lately? If you're hungry for more information on Signs, consider this book: Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe by Laura Lynn Jackson. She gives many examples and explanations of how to notice and understand your signs.

See this related post on my blog about how I personally discern which messages are for me and which to leave behind when I am grabbing quick information on the internet.

Much Love,


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