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Connecting with Your Spiritual Support Team aka Spirit Guides

We all come into physical bodies with a Spirit Team in place. So, what (or who) exactly are they? And how do they help us? Well, Spirit Guides are beings of the spiritual realm that are assigned to assist and guide us in our physical (sometimes Earthly, sometimes other) lives. They include our Higher Self, Angels, and various other spiritual entities. Other entities can come in many different forms and for varied reasons, such as experts on subject matter that have lived previously but are now in spirit form helping others. Some or all of these guides are always with us, even if we're not consciously aware of their presence. Some guides stay with us throughout our lives, while others appear for specific purposes and then move on. In my practice, I sometimes help identify, communicate with, and develop a deeper connection with Spirit Guides. Connecting with our team is beneficial because once we do that, we can then receive their loving guidance and support. And when that happens, our life changes in so many ways! It really is magical.

How does one connect with guides, you ask? Have you ever felt like someone was watching over you, or that you had an invisible helper guiding you through life? These might be signs that you have gotten a sense of your Spirit Guides. Aside from our Higher Self and Angels, it's possible to have Spiritual mentors, deceased loved ones, and temporary helpers' guides. Some guides are always with us, while others appear for specific purposes. With their assistance, you can access greater spiritual wisdom and guidance in your life. Whether you're looking for direction in your career, guidance in your relationships, help with schoolwork, or simply seeking spiritual connection, Spirit Guides can help. Connecting with your team will unlock your highest potential allowing you to live your most fulfilling and enlightened life. ; )

So how do you connect with them? Every single person on Earth has access to spiritual guidance and support. You must request it. Guides are not allowed to affect our free will so we must ask for what we want. After that, it's necessary to understand what it looks and feels like. And to understand, you must train yourself to be sensitive to those types of messages. To do this, we must raise our vibration. More on that here.

A watercolor rendering of my Higher Self from 2019 - by Mary Bee @

During a recent Quantum Hypnosis QHHT session, I was shown a scene from this lifetime where I was a type of Siren protecting the world known as Atlantis. This was a fascinating session!

Who makes up your Spirit Team?

  • Lifetime Spirit Guide

  • Impermanent Guides

  • Helper Guides

  • Guardian Angels

  • Other Angels

  • Spiritual Mentors

When to Connect or ask for Help:

Anytime you want anything, you can connect in or ask for help. Examples of this are:

  • Wanting to gain clarity on an issue.

  • Manifesting finances, relationships, or signs.

  • Understanding a subject or how something works.

  • Formulating ideas on a subject.

  • Help with a task so that you can just flow through it without reading. Ex. - Cooking.

How to connect to your Spirit Team:

Ask to Connect with Them in Meditation -

     If you do not currently meditate, I implore you to get started. It has so many benefits to mental, emotional, and physical health. It connects every cell of your body to God, or Source Energy, allowing healing on many levels. But it also raises your vibration which is key to getting intuitive messages from your team. More on that here.

Ask Them to show you signs they are with you -

     Asking for signs is a simple way to hear from your team. They are eager to connect with you, so it will be extremely easy once you're in on it. Ask for signs that are simple at first. You can say something like, "Spirit Guides, please show me a white feather (or something specific you'd like to see)". Then wait...up to two weeks. Yes, two weeks. This gives you both time to connect vibrationally and for you to actually notice the sign as well. If you're not accustomed to noticing signs, you may miss some of their attempts. Once you have gotten a few signs, you will notice they come very quickly. Also, be sure to count any form of what you've asked for and if there are unusual circumstances involved, that is for your benefit, to understand it is indeed a sign for you! Example, after asking to see a white feather, you see a pillow fight on TV where white feathers are floating everywhere.

Get in a high vibe place and go with the flow -

This is a feeling you've likely had before. You're going down the road, or moving from room to room at home, just feeling good. And you are getting creative ideas, tasks are being completed effortlessly, or information is flowing to help you gain clarity or understanding on something.

Trust -

  The most important thing to know about your guides is to trust what comes through. This can be hard at first but continue asking to connect and once you get used to the many signs they send, you will begin to trust automatically.

What do I Actually Say to Connect?

The words you say (or think) do not have to be an exact formula. The main thing you need to know is that INTENTION is the most important thing. It is possible to get answers and information by just thinking things, but saying them aloud, in a clear way is the best way to communicate. This lets them know that you are using your own free will to ask for what you want. Examples of this are:

  1. Wanting to receive a sign from them - "Spirit Guides, please send me a sign that you are here with me. I would like to see a hawk." (Hawks in the far distance, for example, are not what you are waiting for. Don't worry, when you see your hawk, you will know it's YOUR hawk.)

  2. Wanting help with a project at work - "Guides, can you please give me some clarity on this project? I need a better understanding of how to move forward, or how to put this together, etc.."

  3. Manifesting - "I would like to receive free money in all ways possible in the near future." NOTE: Always ask in a positive manner, not negative. More on that here.

Much Love,


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