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Raising Your Vibration

Updated: Feb 9

To connect with Spirit on whatever level, it is imperative to raise our vibration. The reason is simple. When we are in an Earthly or other planetary physical body, our physiological makeup is heavy. Our bodies are mostly made of water. This causes us to be very dense, but the good news is that water is a good conductor of energy and conducting energy is what happens when we contact and connect with higher vibration beings, such as our Spirit Guides and Angels. They must lower their vibrations, and we must raise ours to come together to communicate.

While it is possible to raise our vibration in the moment for a quick chat, it is much easier to raise our body's vibration permanently so that the "distance" between our vibrations is not so vast. This makes it easier in the moment when we are trying to have a conversation, to get messages.

How do I raise my Vibration?

To put it simply, you need to feel better, more of the time. Abraham Hicks, a group of channeled Spirits providing Infinite Intelligence to the world, has created this Emotional Guidance scale with Jerry and Esther Hicks:

NOTE: This is fully explained in the book Ask & It Is Given by Esther Hicks. I highly recommend reading this book and others in her series. She is the original Law of Attraction presenter, and her channeled Spirits provide wonderfully amazing advice on all subjects.

Understanding the Emotional Guidance Scale is simple, but not always easy to put into practice. The simple part is just to stay in the top 7 emotions as much as possible. When we are in that emotion range, our vibration is high.

How do I tell if my Vibration is low?

You tell by how you feel. Are you constantly getting sick? Do you find yourself complaining or talking about others negatively on a regular basis? Do you feel any of the emotions from #8 - #22 often? Are you and a family member arguing often? Is work or life stressful for you? If you mostly answered yes, then your vibration could use a lift. And don't worry, most of us have areas of our lives that could use a little boost of positivity. :)

How do I raise my Vibration?

Thankfully, it's simple to raise our vibration. Be aware that once you do this and begin to steadily maintain a higher vibe, you will be extra sensitive to lower vibration stuff. It will be easier to overreact to things at first so be hypervigilant and aware of your mood and how you are interacting with others during this transition time.

These are things you can do to raise your frequency:

  • Meditate - This is the best way to raise your vibe. More on that here.

  • Sing

  • Dance

  • Play

  • Laugh

  • Do something you find satisfying like a hobby or volunteering.

  • Be appreciative... but not necessarily grateful. Gratefulness can sometimes bring forth some of the negative vibrations of what you've overcome that you are grateful for.

  • Get into a place of contentment. Watch a sunset, remember a nice memory, watch others having fun or interacting in pleasant ways, pet your dog or cat, listen to something pleasing, etc.

  • Go for a drive.

It's important to understand that if you are feeling angry, for example, and have some momentum going on that, you will not be able to jump from anger to joy in an instant. You will need to get off the subject that angered you and find more general (neutral) subjects to focus on to help you feel better. In other words, make your way up the scale little by little.

When you begin to feel better regularly, you will gain a better understanding of what it means to have a higher vibration. Some examples of having a higher vibration are:

1. Being able to feel energy flow. This could be the energy from a crystal you've picked up or feeling the energy, or mood in a room you've just entered.

2. Being able to see energy, like the etheric body energy that surrounds all living things, or even further, their auras.

3. Getting messages from Spirit.

4. Psychically noticing information near you. An example of this would be thinking of something specific and seconds or minutes later a person near you says it or walks by with something that represents it (like a photo or object).

5. Intuitively knowing how to help someone or thinking of an answer to something when you've never done that task or solved that problem previously.

Just have fun with it and see where it lands you. That is truly the key to a good life.

And if you'd like to have a reading with me to see where you are on your journey, or to get quicker answers, that's also an option. ;) Book a session here.

Much Love,


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