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My Heart Signs

Now that we've talked about Signs from Spirit in a more general way... I thought I would share my own experience regarding the heart-shaped signs I get. I'm not sure when the Heart Signs started showing up because, honestly, I may not have noticed them at first. HA But I know they've been coming for at least 15 years now. I REALLY started to notice them when my life began "Challenging Phase #2" in 2016... the 11-month custody battle with a very recent stepparent and subsequent adoption of our nieces, the Pandemic, my son's stroke, brain-bleed, brain surgery and near-death experience, the Category 5 Hurricane that hit my town and surrounding areas affecting my then challenging home life and already stressful job for the next 2 1/2 years. I'm not going to lie, I hit some rough patches in that period. Thank you, GOD, for getting me past all of that. I am in a much better place now and appreciating life like never before and my little signs from Spirit make it all the better. :)

While at a cousin's wedding, literally in the center or "heart" of Texas. 😉 I turned around and saw this beautiful heart knot in the wood column I was leaning on.

How each Psychic gets their information is unique. There are different ways that Spirit communicates with each of us, psychically developed or not. These are known as the "Claires". The 'Clair' senses are different psychic aptitudes that correspond with our 5 senses - seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting. Every one of us has intuition or a psychic nature. Whether you refer to it as a gut reaction, instinct, or foresight, it's there. My own messages from Spirit come as a "knowing" or "feeling" most often when they show up in my every day. And so, when I am getting a heart sign or any other sign from Spirit, I will get what I call an "energetic nudge". I've learned to instantly understand this feeling and just know in that moment to "look down" or "look at an object nearby" etc. This is how these heart signs usually appear in my life. Every so often, they are literally in my path and a "nudge" is not necessary.

The seal on a bottle of honey I opened one morning.

These are a few photos of my heart signs, many often come in the form of food. 😁

I've seen so many different Heart Signs over the years and even though they keep coming and coming and coming, they never get old, and they always make me smile because in those moments, I'm feelin' the love. 💓

Much love,


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